Monday, November 5, 2007

Hide Your IP Address

What is an IP address? Well in layman terms, an IP address is the unique address, shown in numbers and assigned to a particular computer which is connected to the Internet.

Each cybercafe or Internet Service provider has its own IP address and from there, the location of the user can be traced each time he or she sends a message through the Internet

There are instances you might want to hide your IP address in order to purchase stuff from the Internet or fill in online surveys or do some other stuff.

There are instances I need to hide my IP address if I want to purchase stuff from websites that do not accept Nigeria, and since the billing address on my Visa card reads the U.S. , I would have to hide my I.P address which probably specifies Nigeria. Sometimes I could be lucky and the cafe I might be using might already have their IP address from another country other than Naija.

In such instance when you need to hide your IP , it is best to first check your IP address and then hide it . Below are 2 steps:

  • 1. Check Your IP address:
Go to , once you do that , your IP address and location would be shown automatically. If you see it is reading Nigeria and you want to hide do the next step.
  • 2. Hide Your IP address:
go to . When you get there, Input your website in the address bar, type in the numbers you see and click on hide it.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Make Money as an Internet Freelancer

When I think about the power of the Internet I wonder why some people still complain about not having jobs. Do you know that you can work for someone in a different country e.g. in United States while you are here in Nigeria and be paid in U.S. dollars? Do you know that you can even fix the amount of money that can be paid? Do you know that there are websites that would bombard you with work you would find it hard to even keep up with the volume of work. The Internet allows the skilled professional to become a highly paid freelancer.

What is Freelancing or who is a Freelance? A freelance is somebody working for different companies: a self-employed person working or available to work, for a number of employers, and usually hired for a limited period. Therefore Internet Freelancing is the act of working for someone through the Internet.

As you know the Internet Wealth Business Academy is a practical coaching school and we have put together a special course that will show you with an interactive video presentation and we will also go to the Internet for the following

  • how to sign up with Freelance websites,
  • how to make your profile stand out so you get work on time
  • How to upload videos to your portfolio
Fee: N2,000
( this is a special discount price offer after this date, the price will revert to N5,000)

Date : 20th of October 2007 at

Time: 11:00am

Take advantage of this special discount. Do not miss out

For more info on Freelancing go to:

Below are some of the work you can sign up for as a Freelancer

Business Consulting (Training & Development)

Business Skills :: Business Software :: Corporate Training :: Diversity Training

More »

Business Consulting (Management & Finance)

Accounting & Bookkeeping :: Billing & Collections :: Budgeting & Forecasting :: Cost Analysis & Reduction More »

Business Consulting (Sales)

Advertising :: Branding :: Business Plans :: Competitive Analysis More »


Bankruptcy :: Business and Corporate :: Contracts :: Criminal More »

Software & Technology

Application Development :: Database Development :: Enterprise Systems :: Handhelds & PDAs More »

Website Development

Blogs :: Ecommerce Website :: Flash Animation :: HTML Emails More »

General Errands

Coordinate event details and catering :: Mobile phone rental :: Arrange business travel accommodations :: Secure temporary help for a short-staffed department More »

Engineering / CAD / Architecture

Architecture :: CAD/AutoCAD :: Chemical Engineering :: Civil Engineering More »

Graphic Design & Art

3D Graphics :: Banner Ads :: Brochures :: CD & DVD Covers More »

Audio, Video & Multimedia

Animation :: Commercials :: Embedded Video/Audio :: Music More »

Administrative Support

Bulk Mailing :: Customer Response :: Data Entry :: Event Planning More »


Academic Writing :: Article Writing :: Children's Writing :: Copywriting More »

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Hello guys, I just came across this video on list building. For those who have attended the Affiliate course at the Academy, this will make a whole lot of sense.

  1. ListBuildingSecrets
  2. ListBuildingSecrets II